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This is what I send to prospective clients. Take a look below and let's talk. I am far less expensive than BIG agencies because I work for myself from home so my expenses are low and I guarantee Direct Organic Traffic to your website. I’m an honest hard worker that guarantees results.

I offer page 1 rankings in 30-days or your money back!

More information about me and my services -

Quick Question: Where do your potential clients look first when looking for your services?! If you're not online, the first page, and I don't mean PPC or AdWords, you will not get the business.

A recent reputable study showed 86% of people searching for a product or service do NOT click on “ads” because they know the business paid to be there.

I have a unique strategy that I promise no one else has ever done for you – I have been an Advanced Digital Marketer for over 13 years.

My ideal customer is a business that wants more leads from the internet through Digital, Video, and Reputation Marketing plus more.

I have an exact dynamic optimized and sequenced stacking system of Google properties as well as other SEO and video properties that is guaranteed to work and bring more visitors to your website and call you.

No one and I mean no one offers the services I do in a simple, low monthly fee package. No one guarantees more direct organic traffic to your website in 30-days or your money back.

On a personal level, my name is John Piacentino, I live in Cherry Hill NJ and I am a former Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, and Studio/Gym Owner for over 30 years. After many successful years in the health/fitness industry, I decided to make a change.

I work from home so my expenses are low and they reflect in my pricing.

I have been married to my wife since May 2006. I have a daughter 26 who graduated from Penn State University four years ago and my son who is 22 is a senior at the same University as well as a Baseball Player.

I don’t hide behind any aliases, I don’t outsource work and I am a family man who runs a legitimate Digital/Internet Marketing Business.

I am easily accessible 7 days a week should you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas you want to discuss.

I do everything for you so you dominate all your local area for the services you provide and I work exclusively with one business type per area.

I will create all accounts needed to market your business and videos.

You see, I have the “secret sauce” to driving more direct organic traffic to your website for ALL your keywords as well as ALL the questions people might be asking about the services you provide. I do extensive keyword and question research as well as gather all the different cities and neighborhoods within a certain mile radius so we make sure we don’t miss any areas you serve.


Services To Be Performed

SILVER Package - $795/month

➢ Discovery Call

➢ Extensive Keyword and Question Research to come up with all the main keywords and questions people are asking Google about your services.

➢ Extensive Neighborhood Research to market to ALL surrounding neighborhoods

➢ Extensive Zip Code Research to market to ALL surrounding zip codes

➢ Gather Pictures, information, descriptions, cities/areas within a certain mile radius that we agree upon so we make no areas you serve are missed.

➢ Create GMB (Google My Business) Account for YOUR Business or Evaluate/Enhance your current GMB

➢ Weekly+ posts to your GMB (one GMB/GBP post per week)

➢ Google News Sites and Articles/Content Submission – one Google News Site Posting per month will be written and distributed to over 300 prestigious sites

➢ Create Google Site (one site will be created) as well as utilize ALL Google properties

➢ I will create a YouTube Channel for YOUR Business

➢ Maps – Submit your exact address, geo tagged pictures, keyword optimized description as well as a keyword loaded video to Google

➢ Citations - Add Citations about your business to all major and relevant citation sites

➢ Create Videos – videos will be created for your main keywords as well as questions that have been researched

➢ Testimonial Videos: If you have any videos I will optimize the video properly and upload them to YouTube and various other video sites. I will also take any written testimonials you have and make them into videos.

➢ Geotag all pictures we submit to the internet

➢ Create all accounts needed to market your business and videos

➢ The content I create gets posted to your Social Media accounts

➢ When I upload content (videos, images, etc) I will upload to your social media accounts as well

➢ Create Google Sites (create as many sites as needed to generate the power and relevance for your business with Google) as well as utilize ALL Google properties

➢ Blogs – I will make Blogger blogs all with relative content about YOUR Business to help build powerful links pointing to your website

➢ Review Video – I will create four review videos for you from the testimonials you give me or that are found on your GMB (Google My Business) and upload to your YouTube Channel as well as your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

➢ If you have any current videos, I can edit, optimize and upload them to the video sites

➢ If you need videos transcribed into another language this is part of the agreement

➢ MASSIVE Video Upload – Create keyword and questions specific videos will be uploaded over time to different YouTube and other video accounts giving you MASSIVE exposure.

➢ MASSIVE Targeted Page Build - I will start building massive amounts of pages per month loaded with your specific keywords, questions, areas you serve in a VERY specific format all linking back to your website, promoting your videos, google maps, google sites, driving directions, etc so you TOTALLY dominate the areas you serve with all the services you provide.

This is SO powerful!

Gold Package - $995/month

➢ Email Scraping and sending:

I will scrape/gather email addresses of local businesses within a few-mile radius of your business

I will write an email for you, you can edit as you wish and then I will send that email to approximately 1,500+ different businesses per month

➢ If you need videos transcribed into another language this is part of the agreement

All marketing and branding is being power promoted to all the search engines as well as ranking your videos during the very important first 30-days.

There is SO much that goes on behind the scenes with Advanced Digital Marketing Techniques.

PLUS so much more!

There is SO much more I do to help you dominate your local area for your business.

For more specific information about what I do to help your business dominate page 1 and get you more visits to your website and phone calls, let's set up some time to talk.

Feel free to call or text me (609) 280-5983, I'd like the opportunity to properly introduce myself.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

John Piacentino

(609) 280-5983 


A Formal Agreement Will Be’s the sample agreement:

I, John Piacentino, ZooM Online Marketing will be doing the marketing for YOUR BUSINESS (client). Client is purchasing marketing suite package for $XXX per month for 3-months. After 3-months the agreement moves to a month-to-month agreement with a 30-day notice when canceling.

Any referrals client sends to ZooM Online Marketing and results in the new client purchasing a package, client’s next month cost will be reduced by $250.