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Hi Kat!

Here's more information about the leads system including cost per lead.

If you haven't watched this yet, watch it now as it explains everything:


You can add more keywords or delete the ones you don't like.

Cost per lead:   $5.25 per lead

Using my autoresponder system:

You can use my follow-up system and I do all follow-ups for your leads

What's included in my autoresponder system:


$79 set-up fee

$79 per month

Billing takes place every Friday for the leads I send to you via a credit card on file.

Some Bullet Points For You:

·         Targeted Leads For Your Business

·         I have proprietary AI technology called Pre Targeting that finds people searching for your keywords

·         This is the future of lead generation

·         My name is John Piacentino and I am the owner of Zoom Online Marketing. I have been an SEO Digital Marketing Expert for over 14 years.

·         Proprietary AI will monitor search traffic across the entire internet

·         When somebody starts a search for your keywords, the tracking begins

·         The AI then observes their online behavior

·         Once they begin engaging with related content, and they consume two pieces of relevant content, it tags them as a qualified, high-intent lead

·         We work with comprehensive data repositories, big data companies, to capture and verify their contact information and ensure they've consented to receive web-based communications

·         Once they pass our strict verification process, we buy their contact information

·         That gives us permission to email them because they’ve opted in at that data source

·         Then we deliver that lead to you for a fraction of what you would normally pay for AdWords, PPC, etc

·         The report we send you consists of:

o   Full Name

o   Email Address

o   Home Address

o   Phone (when available, these are only 50% correct)

o   The keyword they searched for

·         These leads are people searching for your keywords and services

·         The leads are geo specific meaning they live in the specific zip code you do business in

·         The leads do not know you, your brand or your business, so you need to nurture them through continuous email follow-up

·         You need to create value and brand authority so they know, like, and trust you

·         Twelve or more email follow-ups are best over 30-days

·         If you don't have a follow-up system in place, don't worry

·         You can use mine for an extra cost of $79 setup fee and $79 per month

·         I will also send 2 text messages and 2 ringless messages to your leads

·         Google Ads, AdWords and PPC are expensive

·         With Google Ads, PPC, etc you are paying for a click

·         With my proprietary leads system, you are paying for a lead, not a click.

·         The lead's information gets emailed to you

·         The leads are exclusive to you. They are not shared

·         You decide how many leads you want per day

·         You decide what areas/zip codes you want the leads from

·         No contracts

·         Billing is on Friday for the leads you receive

·         Are you ready to dominate your market?

·         Simply let me know how many leads you want per day and I will get started

·         Start getting targeted leads for all your services in all the areas you serve within 24 hours of becoming a client

·         Call me now to discuss further (609) 280-5983 and have targeted leads delivered to you in 24 hour