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Have you ever thought about the idea of channeling a steady stream of ready-to-purchase customers straight to your website, or better yet, calling you? Well, that's no longer a distant dream. Our new AI technology called pre-targeting does just that. It is the future of lead generation. Pre-targeting harnesses the power of artificial intelligence.

My name is John Piacentino, owner of Zoom Online Marketing, and I have been an SEO Digital Marketing Expert for over 13 years.

Our proprietary AI will monitor search traffic across the entire internet. When somebody starts a search for keywords that you choose and represent your business's services, the tracking begins. The AI then observes their online behavior. Once they begin engaging with related content, and they consume two pieces of relevant content, it tags them as a qualified high-intent lead.

But we don't stop there. We engage comprehensive data repositories, big data companies, to capture and verify their contact information and ensure they've consented to receive web-based communications. Once they have passed our strict verification process, we buy their contact information.  That permits us to email them because they’ve opted in at that data source. 

Then we deliver that lead to you for a fraction of what you would normally pay for AdWords, PPC, etc.  Their email contact info and interests can be instantly imported into your CRM. This allows you to reach out without delay with crystal clear insights into their desires. Timing is everything when following up on people searching for solutions in real time.

The report you receive consists of:

These leads are people searching for your keywords and services in the areas where you do business and they are MUCH less expensive than Adwords, etc

Again, these leads are specifically searching for your service, and or they are literally reading content about your service or product.

Remember, these leads do not know you, your brand or your business, so you need to nurture them through continuous follow-up.

You need to create value and brand authority so they know, like, and trust you.

Ten or more follow-ups are best.

If you don't have a followup system in place, don't worry.  You can use mine for an extra cost.  If you use my follow-up system, the follow-up system I have is optional and an extra cost of $79 setup fee and $79 per month.

This ensures immediate engagement, which vastly improves your chances of converting them into loyal customers. Say goodbye to the painful unpredictability of SEO and the frustration of costly ads.

It's a numbers game, and Adwords, PPC, etc can be very expensive.

AdWords and PPC do not give you the lead's contact information. The person clicks a link or an ad, you pay a lot of money whether they call you or not.  There's no way to follow up with them to show them you are the best business to help them with what they were searching for.

How incredible will it be when you get their contact information and you can actually follow up with them?!

Say hello to pre-targeting, qualified, high-interest lead generation, which will transform your client acquisition. These leads aren't just warm, they're at the height of their buying journey. So picture this, you're now in full command of your market share. You're in total control of your lead flow. Turn it on, turn it off, turn it up, or turn it down.

Are you curious about what your lead cost would be?  Schedule a free consultation and discover how we can help your local business reach new heights of success.  My number and link are in the description.

Simply let me know how many leads you want per day. It's that simple!  Are you ready to dominate your market, leaving competitors gasping for air? It sounds like it's time for you to step into the future with pre-targeting.

Start getting targeted leads for all your services in all the areas you serve within 24 hours of becoming a client.

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